Crestview Getting Exciting New BBQ Joint

"Well crafted meats paired with carefully concocted libations are all the rage in this town right now."
The project will cost an estimated $250,000.
“Adam has been a part of the Graveyard Vineyards team since its inception."
The “tenant finish out” is set to begin in June.
“We’ve been looking to expand for a while now..."
The works are expected to be completed by the end of August.
The $125,000 job is expected to wrap up by July.
Construction is estimated to reach completion by December 2024.
The project in question will cover 1,330 square feet of space and cost around $350,000.
"I’m thrilled to open this new vision of ours together.”
The renovation will consist of a “remodel of existing Chick-fil-A restaurant.”
Construction will cost an estimated $225,000.
"His leadership style and ability to build a team operating at peak performance is second to none.”
“Everyone’s welcome at our table."
"I want the highest scores in the system.”
The project is expected to finish by November 2024.
"We’ll have over 250 types of beer available for on-premise consumption.”

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