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Third Dimension Design LLC

The Third Dimension serves as a model of the physical universe, where all matter exists. Outputs of light are even perceived in three dimensional projections, creating physiological effects on our being. Tactile qualities of materials and textiles leaves an imprint in memory through what is touched and felt. Good design is more than what meets the eye, it is experienced.

Surrounding elements of nature are as diverse as every location, being and natural illustration. Every project is treated with a unique identity in respect to the site, context, and condition. The response is carefully conceptualized and crafted according to the function, need, and intention of the creation.

Phone: 512-962-0522
Primary Services
  • 1.) Conceptual Design
  • 2.) Selections of: Materials, Finishes, Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
  • 3.) 3D Modeling & Visualization
  • 4.) Space Planning
  • 5.) Full Service Drawings (Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans, Elevations, Details)
  • 6.) Custom Curated Products
  • 7.) Branding
  • 8.) Exterior Facade Design: Composition, Signage, Materials, Form, Lighting
  • 9.) Consultations
  • 10.) Local Code Compliance

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Kelsey Brown

Interior & Architectural Designer

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