Panda Express Coming to Round Rock

The brand is not just a favorite fast casual brand for take-away, but for catering large events as well.
It is estimated to reach completion in February 2025. 
“San Ginés’s Austin location will work much like its Miami one."
“We've already started getting to know some community members and organizations, and they've all made us feel completely at home."
“We feel sorry that so many times we have to tell our customers, ‘I’m sorry, it’s full, we are packed,’ and now we are thankful to have more space."
Construction is expected to wrap up by October.
Eager readers can soon find the new concept at 2512 East 12th Street.
"The Thompson Hotel’s ownership is continuing to internalize all [food & beverage] operations."
“Eating local, seasonal meat and produce is better for our health, farmers, and the environment."
“Noah Cara also has signed to add about five locations in the southern part of the metro."

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