Chili’s Building Up Manor Spot

The project is estimated to cost $1,400,000 and cover 5,116 square feet of space. 
The restaurant is run by operator Ryan Taylor—eager readers can experience his leadership at the Westlake Villages Chick Fil A, which he also runs.
Local Entrepreneurs Bring the Ultimate Superfood Experience to Lake Travis Area
“Easy Tiger embodies the essence of Austin with its high-quality artisanal breads, down-to-earth restaurant & patio settings, and commitment to the community. It’s an Austin original and a one-of-a-kind in the food service category.”
“Swedish Hill Westlake, coming soon."
Construction will cost an estimated $237,000.
Assuming the real estate search goes smoothly, Roya is expected to open the second half of 2025.
The pizzeria will debut at 1209 Rosewood Avenue in the fall.
Costing an estimated $450,000, the location is expected to be completed by the end of October. 
The project is set to begin in June and begin by September, costing an estimated $500,000. 

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