Manor Getting Drive-Thru Coffee Shop

Until the Manor location opens its doors, curious readers can visit several locations up and down the I-35 corridor and within Austin for a taste of the ever-more popular coffee.
Construction will cost an estimated $4,000,000, cover 8,361 square feet and is expected to conclude in June 2024.
“All of our dough is fermented for 48 hours or more by the time we’re serving it to you."
“We have a rotating cookie menu and mystery cookies, depending on the specific location.”
“We brought soul and, as the young kids say, a vibe to this restaurant. We’re taking off now.”
“The Pershing East expansion really enhances our ability to launch new experiences for existing customers, Pershing members, and Austin in general."
"Be ready and excited for even more healthy Vietnamese food in Lakeway!”
"We really feel like we're going to be a great fit for the neighborhood."
“Lala's is a North Pole oasis in Central Texas!”
No specific opening date has yet been announced.

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